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Plastic Attic Addic Part 5


Now dressed in her super Soft Vinyl Catsuit, Danni lays down on the floor and wanks herself through the Natural Plastic layer... Watch as she cumms in her Plastic Panties!

Wash Day Blues Part 2


With the sun beating down on her soft Vinyl Frilly Plastic Apron, Sasha finishes putting the Plastic washing out on the line and relaxes on a black Plastic Sheet on the grass...

Plastic B.P. Lover Part 4


Slipping out of her Breath Play Hood, Ashlea pulls on a Soft Vinyl Cape backwards over her head and body and lying back on the PVC Sheeted Bed she tries some B.P. Plastic Fucking!

Plastic Shower Fuck Part 2


Using her wet fingers inside and outside her Plastic Panties, Danni strokes her pussy with tingling excitement... The warm water bounces of her tight Plastic Top making her nipples hard!

Plastic Attic Slave Part 1


Chained to the metal cage by Rubber Bondage Mitts, a Plastic Hooded Tony is left gasping in his PVC Re-Breather Hood! Wearing her soft Plastic Mac Danni teases his hard cock...

Red and Blue Part 7


Having stripped off the final layers of Plastic Underwear, Sasha lays back in the blue Plastic Sheeted Bed and just envelopes herself in her favourite soft smooth material...

Outdoor Lubed Plastic Part 3


With the Thick Vinyl all closing in on our Plastic Encased slut, watch as Sasha cumms to a fantastic Plastic orgasm inside her Thick Natural PVC duvet cover! What a finish...

69 Suck and Fuck Pt 2


With her ankles tied by the Plastic straps which hold her legs the Plastic Bed, Danni now takes control of Toni and grabs him by the hair making him lick her cunt through the split Plastic Playsuit!!!

Plastic B.P. Lover Part 3


With her Plastic Re-Breather Hood firmly pulled down over her face, Ashlea fucks herself hard with the Stainless Steel Double Ender as she squirm in her soft hot Plastic Suit!!!

Slutty Plastic Maid Part 5


With her Plastic Panties now off, Sasha slides herself on to all fours in the Plastic Sheeted Bed as she fucks herself from behind with her Red Rubber Dildo! How deep does she go?

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