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Plastic B.P. Lover Part 3


With her Plastic Re-Breather Hood firmly pulled down over her face, Ashlea fucks herself hard with the Stainless Steel Double Ender as she squirm in her soft hot Plastic Suit!!!

Slutty Plastic Maid Part 5


With her Plastic Panties now off, Sasha slides herself on to all fours in the Plastic Sheeted Bed as she fucks herself from behind with her Red Rubber Dildo! How deep does she go?

Kinky Plastic Nurse Part 4


Lying back on the operating table Danni pulls her Plastic Panties up so tight they almost get lost inside her pussy! It's time for her Vinyl gloves to go on and then some Plastic Fucking!

Plastic Lilo Dreams! Part 5


Danni is writing around in the soft PVC lilo and is now almost inside the Plastic Sack as she caresses the Soft Smooth Vinyl with her arms and legs before immersing herself in Plastic!!!

Hot Plastic Hazmat Part 5


With the sweat pouring out and sliding down her Plastic Suit, Danni pulls harder and harder on her Nipple Clamps as she starts to wank herself to a slippery hot Plastic orgasm!

Red Plastic Layers Part 6


With her fingers deep inside Natalie's wet pussy, Sasha pulls back her Plastic Panties to get a better view licking out her cunt at the same time while Natalie writhes around on the Plastic Sheets!!! 

Plastic Boudoir Fuck Part 6


If you like hot and sweaty Plastic Fucking! then this final clip of this series is definitely for you! Danni rides her man as he shoots his load all over her Plastic clad ass! What a finish...

The Plastic Love Chair Pt 1


A great new series is about to unfold as Danni and Tony are both dressed in Natural Vinyl take to the slab with a Inflatable Plastic love chair! Watch as these Plastic Lovers get acquainted!

Outdoor Lubed Plastic Part 2


Zipped up tight in her Lubed thick transparent Duvet Cover, Sasha just get lost in her Vinyl pleasure as the thick Plastic aroma takes over as she slides around the grass outside!

Red and Blue Part 6


Pulling back her Plastic Panties, Sasha is rubbing her throbbing wet cunt as she masturbates on the Plastic Sheeted Bed! It's not long before she wants to climb inside the smooth Plastic sheets...

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